Do You Love Me? (Gaidhlig)

Guest Preacher - Part 85

Jan. 12, 2020


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[2:00] But then, the bigger the picture, among her As she Was. willing to set that later on, for her pic.

[2:22] And And I would like to thank you for your attention. I would like to thank you for writing this book.

[2:35] You have written this book for our youth. I would like to thank you for writing this book.

[2:48] You have written this book for our youth. You have written this book for our youth. And you have written this book for our youth.

[3:02] Spiritual Failures and Nobody's. I would like to thank you for writing this book.

[3:14] And I would like to thank you for writing this book. You have written this book for our youth.

[3:29] You have written this book for our youth. I would like to thank you for writing this book.

[3:46] You have written this book for our youth. And I would like to thank you for writing this book.

[3:57] I would like to thank you for writing this book. I would like to thank you for writing this book.

[4:17] I would like to thank you for writing this book. I would like to thank you for writing this book.

[4:53] I would like to thank you for writing this book. For the love of your life.

[5:09] The love of your life. First Mis Bernie in London, then CDU motors India squared ar e But he was a very good man.

[5:43] And he was a very good man. He was a very good man. He was very good.

[5:56] He was very good. And I was beautiful after all this time.

[6:09] What is all this? What's the difference? Our children. Our parents. Our parents.

[6:21] Our father George. Ah and there was no fortunately. There was no believer. Against woe to all,

[7:54] What we need to do is received word from effort for your good work.

[8:07] If foreign knowledge gets hardwood rich, if you put out a word of your work in one speach, As the name says, LAUGHEN AND BE molt If you are clenched in, you shall know future Lord ofря be awakened he comes from that and 100am to bad news we now about 5 days therefore let me count this 1000 days let me count this 100 days it's whose fault

[9:19] Pas en olyst dat a kèigan en drebo fritik y túaост fisse gan Starfrus al eti chef sortir hast ra caid nosing jmeitd a kumán af fritik al te Convention네 aristik ap ta papar maia ta papal ta papal saarab a ja se kärsa á dō ценm Enjoy theigi pia intoler lá tapat Cンパ magnetfakt de 당 Quk tia p preparation Jason Abgutne difficile.

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[10:53] Thú rasuall – heatingAll inv Gardens waery demand theвол bi ug er bia yoghr.

[11:06] So now I repeat that, here I quote forgo Leeography of sighting a such a man. He stood in the door to go toov Yoo htd past the page of the movement, and for some dissotion at K zienag we speak Italian...

[11:44] mısPS I'm a little bit of a fool, but I'm not a fool.

[12:01] I'm a little bit of a fool, but I'm not a fool. I'm not a fool.

[12:13] I'm not a fool. I'm not a fool.

[12:25] I'm not a fool. I'm not a fool.

[12:37] I'm not a fool. I'm not a fool.

[12:49] I'm not a fool. I'm not a fool.

[13:01] I'm not a fool. I'm not a fool.

[13:13] I'm not a fool. I'm not a fool.

[13:25] I'm not a fool. I'm not a fool.

[13:39] I'm not a fool. I'm not a fool. I'm not a fool.

[16:25] I can't remember the name of the person who was in the church. I don't remember the name. I remember when I was in the church, I was in the house of the church.

[16:38] I was in the church for a thousand days, but when I was in the church, I was in the church hall, I was in the church hall, I was in church hall.

[17:00] I remember I used to be a member of the church hall and I went back to church and I felt that somebody was trying to save me and thank me for this story.

[17:11] When I was in church, I usually would leave my stuff Haka T狾 tho strika ar imaginar tongue straith, werko-a aurais chosh u nastah.

[17:52] Harウ h ن xü sprayedPhar e ty minsneen iyi chishpah™ Gory Leftriends sa 150 T sth A hif ioa ang ilumi Hord, Hornelirkuma, Nausmoonsan, Naus�lardziad, Onanhubystoi, Khand nulligaina,igkeitsh workshops and folk come the you go into the middle of the scary house climbing depends on how you move to rethink glass windows and glass marriage you're living, you have that self-condemn and kind of объ tulee

[20:28] Now well umm you don't have to go及 the shoes instead of Barcelona Vinkles tell their story.

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[21:50] There is nothing to cut, and there should be individual. LA?」 lay some toys!

[22:18] Sem기� salvage yer 싸iraor sk Gage Suz And I was Baby If there is he,"then theIMCould say,," because here it was not his Blinn and only than that is there a person to curse retaliation for their actions and their impenetrable and even not just this person who is cursed although he is repenting who lived in the world he wanted and expand Palatmeşu.

[23:15] Şe keşt, dariru, skrü dala han. Ske t'aşın bu olta xerevi, K'in keloch'gör biaksmoan yer petr hür ne keştin şo.

[23:27] Hanyin amöndün, g'uran, bohork'un yer tuzu veri fengin, G'ra, hri'ostir, tanşok, hans ne keştin şo.

[23:38] Anun'o'y, eri kalan'u, ünye veri hök'i şlişin da'i hosea, M'ahimeş ol'un hain vatırdü'ö, ög'i sol'u, S'man'a şü'n öre hök'i şk, hüvda'in f'hosea, R'i ven g'oğmur.

[23:57] A'kein ag'u, maregag'ya, Ög'i s'e, mad'e ren'i s'tri boh'iş, A'kein g'oğmur.

[24:09] G'oğmur, m'hosea, s'e, ar'i, gr'a, r'iş, gr'a g'iş ben, Ün'ö'v'in le'e kar'it, Ge'ta hain ab'an'u, övd'an'iş. Ö'er, gr'a, g'un, şü'n öt do'an'iş r'ü'r, Ge'ta yats'ın ög'am'rk, r'i g'i'hön'e'l'in.

[24:26] A'kein g'oğmur. A'kein g'oğmur.

[24:57] And they say like you saw it because she does much ofNG Wa la capital o silings.

[28:00] The... changes you won't seealia...

[28:20] ... changes you won't seealia...

[29:01] na goroy ir skolog at Tchenge Hortfong, agus ied evi borob na nadir, chai yngadwe chai atong gonoch riz gonoch smith, agus famer i fi'n gyn, switig si'n mar e fami ga gosht ochr, leshyn o'l moch, rag'n.

[29:21] Agus, sy'n man a ha, ne dda cranoch agur t'in fo fir, charet, ha mor an nys gosht, agus ha mar gom agur i dda lusht jaach, i'n joun si smur dda weh.

[29:35] Well, sy'n smo'an yö l'kohi an ti, rizhni keştin evan nysha. Ha. Ach, nyshe, ha.

[29:51] Nya'nchari kuri keştin nysha, san'e garn i smo'an t'in, evun nysha. Agus, ha, herso har i kuri keştin nysha, ha, ha fachgul ye'r i tortin glu, gure'n har i tje lennis i sbo'u, n'a bra har er bi.

[30:14] Sy'n yach har i kuri keştin, frans ochr lannu so'r petr, nyach har i grari yöklish le'e dda si'a, ve'e dda s'in evin löns'e, de'e ameri krono chuk i lusrismach go chuk.

[30:29] Val, b'va g'n yule'n am'k'h'n ye' ddaadu, ele hi t'rn lwuk, no'in gir, n'e rin le'e krio'st. A petr, er fihkin krio'st, ko'e er i xa, va kon'rag ahtur, nat'in na has'ir i, a'gis, am'k'in m'k'sele, d'yö'n dda chuk, ele h'n h'n aga manus'a, n'ere ch'n i'ch krio'st a g'z petr, n'an hy'n ur.

[31:04] Can'y lus'a gen, de'e h'n daris, sor'r go'n, ev'e r'i biach go chuk, can'y lus'gruk dar i fyl chuk, de'e ha'chir, as'n h'n aga manus'a.

[31:18] Va'r i'ch du, no'va'ar, vanus'a pond, n'ere go'n ch'i'ch krio'st, ev'e h'n dda g'z kip'n, far'n'a, y'an l'cha' tsuk aga'if, ch'i'oluk, in spirit, agus, m'o'chon edhurd.

[31:40] Va'chul kal'as'in fyr, hy'b'n yach'a manus'in, agus m'o'chon, ch'i'ch j'chur, f'a'i skrud, agus r'ans'a chok.

[31:52] Ha'r i fyn aga'n ho'ch'och fyl baroch grage aga'g, na'ch'a ch'an a'ch'a t'i'ch kip'n. M'il t'is in, s'o'ch'u li'e beg'n i'u, er, er, s'o'ch'o'ch'on rag'e beg petr, get'r heik i'ch n'hulw, ch'a'r heik mis'u, on'n ha'n dda'l ha' baroch grage aga'g m'si'gud, s'kri'o'st i'i fyn ho'ch'och'och't, fyl baroch grage, s'i'i ur'ch'och'och't, fyl baroch grage aga'g.

[32:22] On'n se, ar'u'ch'on, agus, s'al'n man'a'i frukud, ch'an n'hul petr i t'i'i grage, ver'r baroch grage aga'g, n'hul baroch grage aga'g, s'i'i har i gra'n hulw, n'hulw n'hulw ha'i s'agud, agus fa'as, on'n gra'g petr.

[32:44] Agus, get'u ch'an u'g d'n is'n, ha'i s'agud g'ur tal'n, fyl m'ud ur'j'aravoch g'a'n, a'fer s'gud ur'n ur'n b'r'i or'n ag'ra'n, kim ur'au dal'u jaravok, g'i vel'n gra'g s'n gl'o'u, s'g'i vel'a dar'i'r, on'n kr'i'n n'y, do'n v'r'i agus, ha'g'ra'g, man'a'n gra'g, man'a'n hermi'as un'a'n a'z'ch'an, on'n l'o'v'n idz'aktiv s'en'z, is'n ha'we'erok, s'i n'i ha'n ha'uri d'ya'n, n'i ha'uri tor'ch'achud, s'gud de'n jaravok g'ver'i chachud, g'vel'g'ra'g dar'i'r u'g petr, gan'n t'i or'n, agus ha'ion s'g'ar'u s'n ur'e ch'a'i s'y'st chur'n intres ur, wa'petr du'l i'ch, ch'ion g'n ur'dari'n intres ur, bel'g'ra'n gagud g'unz'n ha'n palat m'is'a.

[33:42] S'an'a ch'a'un g'm'g'a du'l i'ch, wa'kri'o'st r'i'kuri ch'e'rst ur. Ch'a'n ban'i'n ur, or'n s'an'g'm'g'a r'i'g'o'n a'n a'k'i'rst ur, n'u'ud r'n, s'n'a'p'i'g'a r'i tor'k'u'z a'r't, gan'n a'k'i'rst ur, wa'kri'o'st r'i'kuri'n a'k'i'rst ur, n'u'ud r'g'a du'l i'ch, wa'r s'an'g'u'fal'a ch'e'g'a ch'o'n g'r'g'u'z a'vana'i'n ke'rst ur, wa'r i'kuri'rst, wa'r s'an'g'u'n g'ad go'n smur'i'r ve'hys go'n smur'i'ch r'i'.

[34:10] Ch'an'n ilmiri'n smur'n i'ch, gan'n t'i'michil r'i'bi'g, ch'u'r'ach'n i'ch ke'rst ur, p'et r'i'jur. Ch'e'a t'or'r d'ar'n bi'r i'ch smur'n i'ch u'ch shun, gan'n i'ch had'k'orst mar'g'u'ch, a'ch t'o'i'i'ch an'n bi'u'g u'ch wod, gan'n i'ch had'k'orst ur'n tra'i'u'ch, ch'e'n n'al'b'n an'munt ur mar'g'u'ch wod an'cri'ost ch'e'n m'u'chul ur go'l i'n peter, s'a't r'i'i'ch go'r'r k'orst ur'n tra'i'u'ch, ch'e'n n'ov'r go'r'n bi'u'ch mesk'u'r an'munt ur mar'g'u'ch, a'as'n i'ch t'o'i'n yarr'n yarr'n i'ch wod, i'ch t'o'i'f het'r ch'o'n tak, ch'o'n u'ch an'y'ch g'u'ch, a'p'n u'v'n bi'n le'i'u'c i'n yand'tend.

[34:56] S'a'ch un'tor'r d'ar'n bi'r i'ch smur'n i'ch u'ch, gan'n o'k'an'ch a'k'o'wad, i'ch on'n g'o'n i'ch g'u'l'b'n bi'n le'i'u'c i'ch on'n g'an'y'ch a'k'o'f al'av'r n'ra'i'ch, d'al'e'ch e'n amunt ur an'munt.

[35:12] A'gus p'etur i'ch g'u'ch i'ch t'endend i'ch fers'u'ch, a'gus mos'o'n a'dur'n. We'l va' p'etur du'l'i'ch, ch'e'n a'k'i'ch t'endend ch'e'a't g'ach'i'ch, d'en i'ch an'yarr'v'ch, a'gov i'y d'a'hord, g'o'r o'grag dar'i'ru, d'i'ch p'etur d'chreos.

[35:34] A'p'etur g'a'hi'i'i'i'i'i'i'i'i'i'n, s'ri'i'i go'al fascag, an'n un'n lus roch i'i'n, an'n lus roch kreos.

[35:46] Ha'i'sa'gut ifn'n g'u'l'n i'ya, ha'i'sa'gut g'ur tal'n i. I wil wedi sionn fath'ru Gapon poi lor'ak fascag, ch'apunt i'gawo'n g'a'n marg''i m'i'ch, qe'ar gravok ru'i'ch, sol'a i' roles en'di.

[36:05] Ach d'ar i'i'i gvochg k'mushn noke accuracy, u'le s'roch je'i rrfi'tsi'n besexisting. carbonoch, h'uwe pendFirst, orang'i qe'di he'i'yeon She running with me he coming absorbed in he got his small Fake But ya nothing you lose, tienes Later we a further along our tag Eld прин else Her and your mistriya Funny it was relaxing.

[36:39] This afternoon, for everyone at beings like Catherine Pocketcha and andManu, AndSoig and D ether.

[38:25] os sonkihez unprecedented slip New York media.

[38:43] So there is a picture of Peter in the east, Hamun Kujoq, Hamun Kujoq, in the east of it. So there is a picture of a man in the east, Kujoq in the south, in the south of it.

[38:57] And there is a picture of Kujoq in the west. Then there is a picture of the West. So I think it's important to look at the sky in the east and the west.

[39:11] So I think it's important to look at the the picture of the West. So there is a picture of Kujoq in the east, Hamun Kujoq in the south, in the east, in the south, in the east, in the south, in the south, in the east, in the south of the West.

[39:39] Go ahead and say What do you say then? Now there is a picture of a man in the east, in the south of it. So there is a picture of the West, in the south, in the eastern part of it.

[39:57] And there is a picture of Peter in the north. And there is a picture to bring all that stuff to us.

[40:39] And adopt, yes, and follow. I can actually say, that, it's a personal pleasure to run this camp for the 15th century.

[41:00] When생iolaح, routines, The call of the earth's haporing and furor goes over the rigging of one creature. Lémanacht don'e vur.

[41:12] T'ausha ch'a te gan'i ch'a ta. Va'a trá'a sam'a te. Ha'a n'ausha'a sam'a ch'a sam'a ch'a ta.

[41:42] A'un'i elus, a'n'a to l'chri'o b'n o'le ch'a sh'o. N'o ch'a i'i fynad'a un'i ha'aion'i rig'ra, a'so ch'o'i ho'kish. Ha'aion'i fr'i skri'o hi'a la ch'oht'o'n'a, hi'a la ch'oht'o'n'a o'r'vaz'o'n'a.

[42:12] Sam'a ha'u g'a ta'r'u'r'u'usg'a ce'n o'r'o sh'o'n'a v'e d'o'n'a un'a ch'a. Ha'aion'i fr'i skri'i b'a ga'n o'o ch'o, g'a reis'o n'o'r'an'a p'etit.

[42:32] Ha'aion'i fr'i s'o'n'a m'e'n o'ch'o ha'a me'n djan'o'r'o'o, b'in a t'u'lish'o'n a ch'eit. Ha'a kur m'od i'n yn agar'a, g'y m'y gdyn'y, kur'ir yn ahtib i kur'ye o'r sionleum gan y rwr.

[42:52] Ha'a soshgag i'un, a manna hirsnais achendir a lot o parol s'wth'o book of Genesis, i'y lwan manna soshgag i'un rithosioch.

[43:04] S'un hosioch fan ffango. Yn gus honno'i o'r Genesis ffarki'od parondyn, a hon se'l lus, s'fa'ad a ch'an och'y gai fyrr'i g'i ch'eit i'ch rhyw, fio'l, os yma'i, ac ys'n ddulg.

[43:22] S'cos ne'hach'r sion fad luman o'ch cascript a rigi'n sion, ch'ar o'n athas o biol. A ch'un yus g'n an'y ch'on t'u pech g'i stoi, fad naarol.

[43:36] Gan ych hat kur'wad luman o'ch cascript a rigi'n sion, yad ddulg ch'an fyrr'i ch'eit i'ch gai fyrr'i ach'pron. S'ul yn ye'y sio bafir, r'o nadh aach'ach, haast mar'y'y thyr, o'n ma me'y hepetyr, er'y fyr'i kur'n koth dwi'ch g'urim'y, sal'y ddol o'n ng'hynu, yslawni urnif. Diddog smo'n, nye'y sion is cadog, g'ur o'n moshw'n o'n dolgotir.

[44:17] Gan yn ynddoifnus, yf anach'r i'n gand ynddof, yf anach'r i'n gand yn yn yw o'n ddys, yf anach'r i'n gand yn kudjoch yn hwanius, chod lleol yslawni, er'r kudjoch criusd, charomur hyn, nw'y gondain och' gynadau, gofyn a fian bachu, er gavid y fian criusd.

[44:38] Yn ysyn, ychur'u hyn gan y fian'us, sion och'ch, from fian och'us ddue agad, er y fian'u'n kudjoch yn hwanius.

[44:54] From fian och'us ddue agad, er y fian'u'n kondwari klond yn grath, er y fian'us a komusoch, er y fian'u frugwrt yn cyllid ynddof.

[45:07] A scriptor i gen ysyn, gan hwyrsyn ben ydana pechgoch, ystiach i ymzi twysim on yn arysoch. Twyd, haraw taw'n y bydda ras ysgir yn, sgaraw a ffer ysgir an, hwyd gair petr, ka' siwch trannu nusg y gudgyr, haus agad sy'n hyn, gurd talan.

[45:32] Tyn ysig, haus ysgroch yn a ysgroch crios, rhi ffynchi natyfeg y dgyn yfyr hwn y'r ysgir sy. A ffyd ydi a fygel y rhi gra'r siwm yn ysgir.

[45:48] Ach, ffarn y fryng aloch y gus ynddof brach, fel an yw ysgroch y yw, rhi la'r a konhorau, gra'r gasyn natyfeg y dgyn yfyr.

[46:04] Fy ydi a fygel y rhi, man yfarmard nere wa rhi ysgribe, y ys hem a jarang trweg, gyfyl ma' gra'r chafann ysgir, gyfyl ygwyt fyr ym gra'r ysgwyr, o hor hwn gras, fyr gra'r nusmol, nesyn diwrtys yr ysgir siwm.

[46:27] Nor yw ydy gra'r konlari peter, yna crios gwyr ych eysjorsu, palat musy, fel gra agad gwsul. Yr yna haus agad ych nesyn y gul ynych yn haus agad, fel gra agad gwyr ysgwyr.

[46:41] Sny'n o konhor yn siwm, ffynch sy'n ysgir pan yny yw y roch y fyr yw, gyfyl ym ysgir ym mryng. O hwn troglos, o'r ganyf i ta'yn gyll y rysd, o'r slo'n ffancol yn y fyr ym. Scyth yfys agad rhamsoch yw sgar skrwdy, o'r ganyf i ta'yn gyll o'r slo'n sy'n kudwch, o'r asyn di kurf ym y rhamsoch yw, yw gwsir skrwdy, o gnywnych ydy, gyma gyfrwg o takyn, yf eich dogl o'ch ei, neref ar y gra hewn haus agad ych nukwyl ynych yn haus agad, o'r talynu sy'n golo'r y gdanaf, sgach y y yst, amen.