Rev James Maciver: 1 Peadar 1:13

Communion March 2018 - Part 1


Guest Preacher

March 1, 2018


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[5:24] It's hasn't been recently I read about a conversation which was UK- virgin type of writing It was one of the great kinds of writing There was its편ior who lived in a public 20th grade With him bearing the dismissal.

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[10:14] The story is over and I get asked, however, why on earth could I find a man'd be a roadside army who had killed and burnt my brother and Concentration Camp.

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[12:56] I do not know why it is a green color......because this It is quite commonYou have something very similar to this queue list so close.

[13:19] It's not easy that can't I do and sleep Hey, all you have to mind to handle So, Ha moloch nis laantje han ishun Ha naun it yer ach chach chriyste as he heodach Ha naun nivaroch er inoia san han ik espurit enoas er lanak ainkish Ha naun nivaroch er inoia san nyech oheinom heun pochuk foch hungach g espurit han ishun Ha moloch, fyr moloch In laantje han ishun ach chach chriyste Dara hitja gove it otho lwoch, jach he, in jei ymrehamas The pinnacle of salvation is ar his second coming Spiga se ashein dochus djung voltu achu as he gra se fyrr gawif ach fyl chochuk i os chriyste

[14:28] So, shum di gra ha Gart bite ilun n'ihun ha achke in rast de hein sa arvein nishu gawif Sa hafiz a chke, gawil at anun nul uydusun gawil at y fulg gumor achus ha skriw ych chochuk i so'n corll hord gai fin a kud jo chou Geata ha siw fin ish as he, re un y figh mas feimola fochw siw tre imu buddach Ach ha ma gymau y cantor y hafiz angyl sy'n fyr mar chymich ilun rast de achus stoch gymich sy'n achu ulod o'ch un arbeis yn hw ach at sa siw an I was ffuse as at sy'n fyr dol tronysun Be gtochus djynn fel dagu as y gra ast a haast y dol o'ch hun hwgw yn ar y goel sy'ch yur i ase Sina ches ynaw gennu koj yw annyfi klach gyng oed a her yri halog etch bord un hi o'r ne Ha u coi no chwg er bas ychai ycholan ych foch yny mwych ble o'n ar ash ach sy'n bas fyr anni sy'n byo achus ha u mwy o'ch annyfi a at sa hau coi no chwg er bas ffuse a gennu i'r womad y sy'n bylw coi no chwg er bas gymyw y coi no chwg rist na fê tronys spyrit newf gymyw criast hein yt y fianno chwg sy'n gymyw nôr sy'n y klach gyng yn dogus a han ysso cwdiwg y y yw sy'n iach gyri yst gobi crun ych dol adgy at sa hau coi no chwg er bas annyfio a gennu i'r byg dogus gyngwalt a gennu i'w lien yf yr yw y klach gyng dogus gyng sy'ch rhi cos ym mynd hwrs sy'n iach at cos ym ni'n gia hein yr ash a si'n cael y tíid y gyn a ych chi'n cael annyf o'r dda'a tok al sy'n yn y ffoc be hy a ha gan am ocho c'i antyri sy'n chi sy'n peyn galabrini'r yn ahad as y hech gwygar yn diog a gyrym ysso fyr yn ahad fyr breherau i brugach niach gan chlwm fai'i dynach sy'n chi'ch eich eile ke hw am as y rarch gwrs do'n ysso li eichol sy'n eichol giegi eichol as y fyl newf o'ch galabrini a gys y redd mae'n ahau newf bif sy'n newf o'r hamisi newf a gys sy'n nôl ocht a gys newf ocht heriori sy'n acord le gie er unig ni'n han ysso gyfel y ysso'r opeth criest a ha' crioch ni'ch gyw a gys yng Ngraes a haast gofio i'r rai'l chogw a chlwm anachur Thomas Watson a gys criioch ni'ch gymi a sefio'r hylw

[17:03] Holiness fits us for communion with God not everyone who hangs about the court speaks with the king we may approach God in duties and as it were hang about the court of heaven yet not have communion with God that which keeps up the interaction with God is Holiness and where God sees his likeness there he gives his love where God sees his likeness there he gives his love there he gives his love there he gives his love I will tell you what I have to say about the court