DM CFC 2019

Student Placement 2019

24th August 2019

This summer we had Donald Macleod, a ministry student, on placement in our congregation. Donald  is photographed here on his last Sunday in Carloway when Neal thanked him on behalf of the congregation for his work over the last few weeks. We wanted to find out a wee bit about Donald so we decided to interview him.

Donald, tell us a bit about yourself.

I was born and brought up down in sunny Gravir. I completed my first degree in Lews Castle College UHI. Even though I’m now living & studying in Edinburgh, I still take every chance I can get to come back home!

How did you come to faith in Jesus?
Jesus saved me when I was around 12/13. After growing up going to Church, I heard a talk one day that made it clear that we need to personally know Jesus, not just know all the information –but we have to really know Jesus personally. It all clicked, and Jesus transformed my life.
What is it like studying to be a minister?

It is an incredible privilege. Every day we get to study the Word of God and learn all about who He is and what He has done. Even though there is a lot of hard work involved, there is a great sense of warmth and unity at Edinburgh Theological Seminary.

What is your favourite verse in the Bible and why?
I love the whole of Psalm 84, it was a crucial part of my salvation especially verses 3&4.
Describe what you got up to during your time in Carloway.
My 7 weeks in Carloway have just flown by! My time here included a mixture of preaching & visiting every week. I was also able to attend the Faith Mission tent in Barvas, and thoroughly enjoyed the joint Churches’ day out to the beach!

Why do you think Christianity is still relevant today?

The Gospel (good news!) is that in Jesus we have a Saviour, in Jesus we have eternal hope, that if we know and love Jesus that He promises to always be with us & never forget us, that in Jesus we see the full glory of God – all these reasons and thousands more are why the Gospel is still relevant today.

Thanks for speaking to us Donald!

This article first appeared in the Carloway Community Newsletter.